The grass is always greener when someone looks at your job and wants it. When you tell people that you are successful and make a decent living at a job you love, everyone wants it. They love that you have your own Toronto office space and you set your own hours. They become more excited to do what you do. The excitement ends when you tell them you are an entrepreneur working for yourself without a safety net. You do not have job security or a cushy pension. You are building your future on your own.

When I am asked “How do you do it?”, I often tell people that having my own business is very rewarding in many ways, but having an office space Toronto in a location that works for my clients is what keeps me busy and gainfully employed. When I was running my business out of my home, customers did not seem to take me seriously. My downtown clients wanted to meet me at my downtown office, but my office was a corner room in my suburban home.

When I first decided to take a virtual office at a downtown Toronto office space, potential clients started to pay more attention to what I had to say. When they wanted to have a meeting at my office, I was able to book a boardroom at a minimal price at the same address that appeared on my business card. No, I did not actually have an office there, but it was a place that my mail went to and my business calls were routed through.  My customers and potential clients did not know this, but they were impressed by the presence I had.

Over the years, I went from having a $30 Toronto virtual office location to having a window office that overlooks the Toronto harbour. Granted, my first office space in this location was an interior office that only cost me $495 per month, but I have since moved up to where I am now.

My point is that business has only gotten better since I acquired a real business address in a professional business office space Toronto. The best part is that, unlike traditional office spaces, I can better budget my office expenses and not have to worry about maintaining or upgrading office equipment, they do that for me and I only pay for what I use.