The key to bringing down office space expenses and being more profitable for many small businesses is, quite simply, to be more like “big business.” Many large businesses are getting away from some older technology and pooling other technologies that will be shared with a larger number of users – rather than having smaller pools of employees utilizing more equipment less efficiently. The other key to success is leadership, in other words leading by example. Having management that works alongside its teams makes the office environment more inclusive rather than divisive.

Companies have discovered that you do not need to have a personal printer at each person’s office space, because fewer and fewer employees need to print things these days. Twenty years ago, many businesses wanted to achieve the goal of having a paperless office space, but the technology was not there. When some companies who rent office space Toronto at Telsec were asked about how often they use the fax machine to send or receive a facsimile, many claimed they had not used a fax machine in a few years. One person even claimed he had never sent or received a facsimile!

It seems that more CEOs are learning that the value of a non-divisive office environment and having a little fun in the workplace can make a significant contribution to the bottom line of the company. In this way some companies are abandoning the traditional private office space for executives and managers as well as getting rid of cubicles. They are going with a more open style office team space Toronto that is more conducive to cooperation and teamwork. As well, the large offices that were once used by only a few are now used by many, mostly as a series of small boardrooms for smaller teams to meet in.

Since the key to bringing down office space expenses and being more profitable for many small businesses is to be more like big business, start by finding Toronto office space in an office business centre that allows you to save money on pooled resources. Why maintain your own photocopier or printer when you can have shared access and pay only for the copies and printing you use, and not the cost of machine upkeep?

Entrepreneurs and small businesses often do not have the luxury of having offices and cubicles that can be divided. And though they fully understand the importance of teamwork and collaboration, they may not realize the benefits of a team-space environment. One of the other many advantages of renting downtown Toronto office space at a business centre is that companies have access to a series of boardrooms and meeting rooms not only to engage customers, but to meet with their teams outside of their individual offices or cubicles.

Now that you know the key to bringing down office space expenses and being more profitable, why not consider moving your small team into an office space Toronto that is ideal for teams like yours at a fraction of the cost of a traditional office space.