For over 32 years the lake view from Telsec’s office space for rent Toronto has been the Toronto harbour and Lake Ontario. That is not changing. What is changing from the Toronto office space for rent view is the parking lot you would look down at is now under development. The development will not be tall enough or west enough to obscure the south view of the Toronto harbour, the Toronto islands and Lake Ontario.

Today it was announced that a landmark that is also included in the lake view from office space for rent Toronto has been closed. Toronto Port Authority rescinded Captain John’s lease for the watery slip at the foot of Yonge St. and told the owner “Captain” John Letnik that he has until July 27 to remove the ship and its signs. Many bloggers are speculating that the ships tired look and financial difficulties have lead to the Port Authority decision to rescind the lease. Some bloggers have even gone as far as to say is to make way for the further beautification of Queens Quay. Even the Wikipedia page about the restaurant has already been updated with the news of its closing.

The current Captain John’s ship the Jadran has been there since 1975, 5 years before Telsec opened its Toronto office for rent facilities. The lake view from office space for rent Toronto has always had that iconic ship in its view. For the first year of operations, the view also included the first Captain John’s restaurant, the Normac. In 1981, the Normac was struck and sunk by the municipally owned Trillium ferry boat.

The other change in the lake view from office space for rent Toronto is that the window washers have completed the cleaning of the exterior of the windows. It is actually quite amusing to be on the inside of Telsec’s Toronto office space while the window washers are doing their job – not only when they are working on the 18th floor windows, but also when they are working below the 18th floor. You can see the cables and ropes moving and dangling outside the window and have to question how sane these people are to be hanging from such thin cables at such great heights.

It is not just the lake view from office space for rent Toronto that is changing. Over the past few weeks there have been a number of new faces walking around the halls and in the kitchens (that include complimentary coffee, tea and filtered water). This is partly due to one client expanding their staff and needing more office for rent toronto. The other reason for some new faces is that 2 former Virtual office Toronto clients have upgraded to being office space clients and have hired staff to work in their office, rather than in the owners home office. One of the former virtual office clients was quoted as saying: “It was a no-brainer to open our first real office here – our customers thought we had been here for two years”. She went on to say that even when they did not have an office rental Toronto at the 1 Yonge Street location, they would still rent boardrooms at Telsec to keep up the appearance of having physical office space downtown.