So you’re setting up a home office or have already started operating out of your house, condo or apartment. Chances are that in the long run, you’ll save money. But at what cost? And are the savings really that substantial compared to an office for rent Toronto? What is the most affordable office space Toronto has to offer?

Because of ongoing competition amongst landlords, some Toronto executive offices are more than affordable and offer many perks (such as free daily newspaper, complimentary tea, coffee, filtered water and incoming faxes) which offset any financial gains you may be enjoying in your home office. Yes, you may be saving on transportation costs and rent by working from your home, but to be fair, you’re still paying for phones, faxes, internet, heat/air conditioning and so on. Also, you can write off your monthly rent as a business expense in any Toronto office space. In an apartment, condo or home office, you’re only allowed to write off a portion of your rent for business purposes.

Consider the problems some home-office users have reported

A home office may:

  • Take up too much living space (an important factor with today’s costlier residential square footage rates)
  • Require new office furniture or re-arranging of existing furniture
  • Result in prospective clients not taking you seriously
  • Cause distractions (TV, radio, neighbours, family etc.)
  • Make it difficult to separate work and family responsibilities
  • Make you feel isolated with little chance of networking to boost your business
  • Result in a much longer workday – or even too short of a workday
  • Grow too large for your home, interfering with family areas or activities
  • Adversely affect your indoor environment (fumes from copiers, desktop printers, etc.)
  • Decrease your motivation
  • Be more of a security risk if you deal in sensitive documents
  • No social, face-to-face interaction (which usually results in a feeling of lonliness)

In the final analysis, you must weigh your office rental Toronto costs against all these factors and ask yourself: “Is a home office REALLY worth it?” Would you be better served by looking into the most affordable office space Toronto has to offer?

When searching for Toronto office suites for rent, the best Toronto executive suites should offer you a variety of options suited to your business routines and your budget. These should allow you to use ONLY the services and equipment you need. For flexible and affordable office rental Toronto ideas, check out Telsec Business Centres, they are one of the most affordable office space Toronto has to offer, including downtown Toronto office space. Telsec has more than 5 separate, cost-efficient Toronto office rental options available plus a host of amenities.