While only 12 of the Fortune 500 companies are run by women, there are a lot more large corporations that are run by a woman. Women are slowly making their way into senior executive positions and in the seats of big boardrooms, but many say that more is needed to get women into those top positions.

When you look at medium and small sized companies, the numbers of women entrepreneurs is rising and their businesses are growing faster than those of their male counterparts. One just needs to look at business centres like Telsec and see the number of Toronto office spaces that are rented by companies that are owned or run by women – and many others have women in senior positions. In fact, the Vice President of Telsec is a woman.

In a recent article in Forum (The Magazine of Influence for Financial Advisors) called “the New Old Boys’ Club: Women advisors are redefining the profession”, many of the women (who are some of the top financial advisors) recognized that there is an old boys’ club, but were still making inroads.  One even insisted that men who traditionally worked with male financial advisors were re-thinking their position on women as financial advisors when they saw what some were doing for their friends.

After some investigation, I found that there are 2 women who have their office space Toronto at Telsec that are independent financial advisors. There are 15 office spaces that are rented by companies that are run by women and 8 Toronto office spaces that are branch offices run by a woman. It is not surprising that the numbers of woman-controlled companies and organizations are choosing to make the smart choice of having Toronto office space at Telsec. They know what they want and they ask for it… and Telsec delivers what they want and need in terms of office space requirements and additional administrative needs.

Currently, over 47% of the workforce in Canada is women and almost the same percentage are women entrepreneurs. Telsec wants to work with and help women who are starting their own business and need the right place to grow.