People, by nature, are often afraid to ask a question because they may think their question is either rhetorical or a wrong question to ask. But if you listen to any public speaker or expert on any topic (such as office for rent Toronto) they will always say that the only bad question anyone will ask is the question that is not asked.

Remember the popular 90-second television commercials that aired in the 1990’s called “Body Break” that were dedicated to informing audiences of ways to “keep fit and have fun”? Those commercials were hosted by Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod and aired regularly on Canadian television. While designed to briefly introduce tips for healthier living, they took on a following like no other PSA (Public Service Announcement) in Canadian history (except for maybe those “Canadian Hinterlands Who’s Who” spots that were super cheesy).

The number one question Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod were asked is whether or not they were married. This is because people were more afraid to ask the more important questions like “Why did they start these PSA messages?” or “Why did they look so happy in the spots”? I myself did not think about these questions until I read that they were going to be contestants on The Amazing Race Canada. After doing a search for their website, I did find their full story and bio’s.

Let’s talk more about the questions that are not asked about Telsec’s office space for rent Toronto. While there is an FAQ (frequently asked questions) section of the website, there are many questions that do not appear there because they have not been asked by most people. So instead of adding these less-asked questions to the FAQ’s, we thought we would address them in this blog entry.

“How long has Telsec been in business?” The simple answer is that, as our motto states, “Quality Service Since 1980.” That motto does not mean we only started offering quality in 1980. It means that since our doors opened in 1980, we have been dedicated to providing quality service.

“Is your office space Toronto open on weekends?” Yes, our office space is open to office space Toronto clients to utilize on weekends, holidays and any day they need access to their office space. That being said, our office rental Toronto facility is available to our office clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week – but is only available to the public during regular business hours, unless accompanied by an office-for-rent client.

“If a customer or potential client shows up at the Telsec reception, will your staff tell them that the tenant does not actually have and office space there and are only a virtual office client?” No, our staff will simply inform the unexpected visitor that you are not currently in your office. If they persist in asking if the location is your business address and they need to speak with someone from the company, the staff will likely mention that our facility is an office business centre that houses several companies who keep their own individual office hours.

Again, since we consider that no question is a bad question, we welcome all your questions, comments and inquiries. To have them directly addressed by our Senior Vice President, Josie Graziosi, please send them to We also encourage you to CC those questions to our webmaster and social media staff at, so that we can also add them to our FAQ’s. In this way, we can better help other potential customers who may also have questions similar to the Toronto office for rent questions that you have.