Business trends are not just defined by buzzwords and popular fads – but knowing about them can be helpful even if you do not adopt them. Buzzwords like QR codes, Monetizing social media presence, Tweets, Redit, Channels and Platforms, Brand advocacy, Crowd-funding , Comment, Share, Post, Recommend or Check-in are the ones that most people who have office space Toronto are still learning about and slowly adopting. This is unless, of course, they are early adopters or work in the tech industry.

Two of the new buzzwords that you will be hearing around your office space Toronto water cooler and meeting rooms Toronto are Content Curation and Optimize for Mobile Search. Now that you have heard them here, you might want to know what they are – so you will know what people are talking about when the drop the buzzwords into a conversation at your office space.

Basically, Content Curation is the concept of collecting content on your site and social media platforms – things like links, videos, images, and other online content – that are relevant to a particular topic or theme, but not always relevant for all your visitors. Some experts who have office for rent Toronto say to leave the Content Curation to sites like Facebook and Google+ as well as sites like Redit. When it comes to your company’s website or blog, try to keep to posting only your own original content and deliver what your fans and visitors want and expect from your site.

When you hear people around your downtown Toronto office space say that your site needs to be Optimized for Mobile Search, it may not always be true. While more and more people are using mobile devices these days to search online, you should find out if your site is getting mobile visitors. You want to make sure that your message is one that people are searching for on a mobile device. In some cases, a mobile app that detects a user who is visiting your site will send them to a mobile version that just delivers your core information. This makes it easier for them to contact you via their mobile device. Experts predict that by the year 2015, Internet searches using mobile devices will overtake those used by desktop and portable PC’s.