Having one address at a prestigious location can be good, but what about having multiple location addresses with a 800 number to 1 location? Your small business can saves money and appears like have multiple locations for less than the cost of 1 office space with the 1 800 number meaning you only need 1 phone + address account. So how is this done? You can have virtual office locations with several Alliance business centers that are located around the world in over 80 countries.

With several virtual office locations and a 800 number, your client or prospect will call you and ask to speak to the location nearest them, but the call will be forwarded to where you are working or to your Toronto head office location.

When your small business has a live receptionist answering your calls with your business name, your customers believe that you are bigger than you actually are. even if you do not have a physical office where the receptionist is answering your calls. Even if you have a one person office at the business centre you call your head office, having that live receptionist answering and handling your inbound calls, your customers and potential clients thing you are a bigger operation than you actually are.

Some small businesses that are often on the road or doing business in several locations will opt to have a VoIP telephone extension (with an optional handset) that will allow them to work almost anywhere in the world that they have an Internet connection. This type of connection allows a small business owner to be working in one place and appear to be working in the place that they want customers to believe they are working. For example, if your customer calls your Toronto phone number and you are actually working from your cottage or another location, they simply call your Toronto number. The added bonus happens when you need to call them back and you still want them to believe you are working in Toronto, their call display will show them your Toronto number.

Your client calls you in the city they see as your local business address and wants to meet locally? Not a problem, you can visit the location of the prestigious address you have in that city and get a boardroom or meeting room in the place that they believe is your office. This is one of the best benefits of renting office space or a virtual office situation, you get access to meeting rooms where your customers expect you to be.