Business owners are always looking for new ways of streamlining everything they do, to save time, money, and energy. If being busy has dominated your life, it’s time to regain control. Below are some helpful tips to simplify your small business so you’ll have time for what matters within your small business.

Take your business digital

Your website is potentially a main access point for any client. When it comes to the website, don’t worry as much about fancy graphics, the focus should be making sure visitors can get the information they need. Setting up an FAQ page on your website can help with reducing the number of potential clients calling you and asking you basic questions. This page can also prevent a frustrated client going to another business. Many web hosting companies can provide reliable websites for relatively little money, as well as provide helpful tools for setting up a website.

Set time aside for your small business tasks each day

Admittedly, many small business owners let a lot of tasks slowly start to stack up and they begin to push off tedious tasks like invoicing until the end of the month, or they tend to treat invoicing activities as an unimportant task. Instead try to set aside just a few minutes a day on invoicing and other small tedious tasks, that way you aren’t saving it until the last minute. One helpful tip to make sure to stick to doing these tasks daily is to set a calendar reminder every day and commit to these activities.

Hire an electronic assistant/mail service

Are you wasting time going in between the voicemails on your cell phone and your office phone? Telsec’s VoIP Service is as popular as it is efficient in providing Telsec clients with the same personalized reception and telephone answering services that an office client receives, as well as other administrative advantages to simplify your business. This service also helps with your business mail, allowing mail forwarding and a prestigious address.

Data storage and the cloud can help streamline your business

The tools you use for your business to help you stay organized, as well as simplify your small business. When it comes to clerical errors, records or even worse missed appointments or meetings are far more likely to happen if you are using paper records or outdated software. Using cloud based software can help with saving space, streamline your business, and helping save time that could have been lost due to clerical errors.

Create a dashboard to help with time management

Staying organized is another job in and of itself. If you’re not naturally inclined to stay organized without conscious thought, failing to have strong systems in place can really put you and your business at a disadvantage. Therefore tracking and logging time is important for everyone who wants to achieve better results. There are plenty of time tracking and time management software solutions out there to help keep you on track.

Make payments for clients and customers easy

Cash and check payments are on the decline, and if your business isn’t able to accept payments electronically, you’re likely missing important sales opportunities. Most customers expect purchase to be quick and easy. Therefore if you are in a retail business, you should consider mobile payments as an option. For service based businesses, allow customers to pay their invoices through an online accounting or invoicing system.

Simplifying your business may seem like a chore, but it certainly doesn’t have to be. At Telsec, we will help to efficiently manage a professional brand image for your business so that you can focus on your organization’s growth. Call us today to set up and customize your Virtual Office solution.