Today is Election Day in the USA and many office space Toronto clients are watching. Why? Because the U.S. is our closest and most important trading partner.

I am trying to find examples where foreigners have watched other countries’ elections as much as Canadians watch U.S. elections. There are many office space Toronto clients who are American citizens that have come to Canada to do business, but there are just as many Canadian-owned businesses that are concerned with the political climate in the U.S. and how it effects the way they do business with U.S. business partners.

Without going into politics, some office space Toronto customers believe that a Democratic Party win will help and benefit their businesses. Others believe that a business-favouring Republican victory will help the overall U.S. economy and will positively impact their Canadian operations.

This blog posting is not about any political leaning or influence – it is about the impact of U.S. politics on those who operate Toronto office space on the 18th floor at One Yong Street. Most office tenants will not publicly announce their voting intentions with co-workers or colleagues until long after an election.

What is most interesting is that so many Canadians are spending a great deal of time trying to make themselves look different from their U.S. counterparts. If you are a Toronto office space client that has dual citizenship, please take the time to vote. Voting is one of your most important obligations as an involved citizen. It is your democratic right.

A last point is that, while many on both sides of the political spectrum say they will move to Canada if the other side wins, most of these threats are never fulfilled. While many U.S. companies will have an office space Toronto for expansion and growth opportunities, none have opened Toronto office space solely for political reasons.