Consulting business are fast becoming the most popular businesses that semi-retired, retired and disenfranchised employees are looking to get into. So lets talk about what consulting businesses are in most demand. This can help you to decide what type of consulting business that you may want to start from home.

Accounting Consultants: While every business needs good accounting help and have good inside accountants, many are hiring accounting consultants to ensure that their accounting practices are delivering the best results and forecasting data that a company needs.

Advertising Consultants: With the price of advertising and the new types and and channels for advertising these days, it is no wonder that advertising consultants are in great demand. Now more than ever before in the history of advertising has there been so many options in terms of types of ads and where they are placed. Advertising consultants are tasked with finding not only the best ad buy for a client, but find the right medium that will get the most exposure for the type of product the client is selling. (This could be an entire blog itself)

Career Consulting: Old school wisdom would say that with more people finding themselves victims of corporate downsizing, career consultants are thriving. But it is not just victims of downsizing that are seeking the help of career consultants, there are many people who are finding themselves hitting the ceiling of where their current career path has taken them and want direction on where they should be changing their path to find better opportunities and more growth.

Computer Consultants: For that past few decades there has been consultants that have helped companies from software to hardware and everything in between. Conventional wisdom has said that if you know computers, you will have no problems finding clients. These days that is not so true, these days companies and organizations are looking for more specific consultation on custom software, hardware and Internet applications to fill a specific need or needs.

Executive Search Consultants: Headhunter consultants have been in demand for the past few decades, despite the downsizing trend. Companies are looking for the top talent and are willing to poach these top executives and talented people from other companies. An executive search consultant not only helps to find ways of attracting these top people, they advise companies on the techniques to retain these people from being poached away from them.

Human Resources Consultants: Big businesses with large staffs are not the only types of organizations that need human resources consultants. These days smaller firms who do not have the infrastructure for a full time HR person person or department, will bring in a human resources consultant to set up policies and plans to deal with new or ongoing problems.

Public Relations Consultants: Many SME’s (Small to Mediums sized Enterprises) do not have the need, resources or ability to have a full time PR staff, but that does not mean they do not need a PR plan or method of dealing with a PR problem when it happens. Even when there is no problems, getting good press coverage for any organization can be a real asset and the reason for bringing in a consultant.

Management Consultants: A SME can have a great product or service, but if the management structure or procedures are not delivering the product or service in a manor that the customer expects, there could be a management issue. A management consultant can help a firm see what they are doing right and how some management procedures could be hindering the success of the business.

While not exactly a consulting role that an organization needs to hire, the job of an office space consultant is to help firms realize the benefits of where they conduct business and how they can save on office expenses by not having a full time office manager, receptionist or dedicated secretarial staff, and office business centre can take care of those needs. Office business centres do not just offer office space for rent, they can offer other a-la-cart services that SME’s only need to pay for when they need them.