Travelling to Toronto for business? Have you made the proper arrangements regarding where your are going to conduct your business while in Toronto? Some of the things you want to consider when finding an office business centre for your office away from home are the location and amenities of the office space.

Finding an office space while you are in Toronto on business is quite easy. It is simple as searching for “Day Offices Toronto.” But that is only the first step. You want to make sure that it is close to downtown and easy for your clients to get get to – yet not in a location that will get them trapped in downtown traffic. An office business centre like Telsec is ideal because it is located downtown, but south of the Gardener Expressway at One Yonge Street. Conveniently ‘kiddy-cornered’ to the Harbour Castle Hilton Hotel, it is also only minutes away from Billy Bishop Toronto Centre Airport.

Be sure to have a fast internet connection in the hotel you stay at, as well as the day office you rent. This allows you to video chat with clients, send large files rapidly and conduct research online. If you frequently travel for business, consider purchasing a portable WiFi router or a cellphone with a flexible data plan and tethering capabilities.

When traveling for business, consider using a Cloud storage service such as Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive or DropBox. Conducting your business ‘in the cloud’ saves space on your hard drive, prevents the accidental loss of files when your computer crashes or is lost, and allows you to access your work from anywhere – whether you’re on your desktop computer at home, using your tablet at the coffee shop or on your laptop in one of Telsec’s Day Offices. A Cloud Drive will also ensure that you do not forget an important file back at your home office space.

Google mapping the location of your Toronto day office in advance of your business travel will help you  familiarize yourself with the location from your hotel, and give you a good idea of the surrounding amenities such as restaurants, attractions and other places you may want to visit while on your business trip. Using websites like Yelp will also help you in not only choosing the best nearby restaurants, but also in selecting best hotel.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, while you will require a professional, quiet and accessible location as a temporary place of business, Telsec’s Day Office Rentals is a great place to hang your shingle. If you are hosting a meeting or seminar, you can also rent one of its boardrooms or seminar training rooms by the half day or full day for a reasonable fee. Put your best foot forward and conduct your meeting or seminar in an inviting, upscale atmosphere. Don’t forget to choose a location where the coffee and tea are always complimentary.