One of the topics of conversation that keeps coming up in the kitchens of our Toronto office space for rent is online marketing, especially the topic of content. It seems that marketing trends are always changing and in this day of the Internet, it can sometimes change faster than we are prepared for. A lot of companies were focusing their marketing strategies on search engine marketing, public relations, television and radio advertising as their preferred marketing tools, but now the trend is leading towards content marketing.

So what exactly is this stuff they call content marketing and how are Toronto office space for rent clients are using content marketing? As the way that Telsec office for rent Toronto clients explain it, that it is as simple as creating original and helpful content — content that drives people not only to your website, but engages them to react and follow up on your content. This includes content like blog postings, case studies, white papers, videos and photos. The idea is that it will enhance a company’s brand visibility and possibly generate sales leads. Generating and publishing content that gains interest in your company’s products, brands, and overall message will help you lead your customers to follow your brand and create brand loyalty.

Office space Toronto companies who use content marketing say that they often use social media like YouTube and social networking sites like Facebook, Linkedin and Google plus to bring traffic to their content and awareness to what they are marketing. Most said that they will also use Twitter and Flickr (image social networking) to gain a following to their content and social media. Telsec also uses Facebook ( and Twitter ( Some Toronto office space for rent clients are even using emerging social networks like Pinterest and StumbleUpon to help promote their content, but those sites require you to be a member before you can see others postings.

While business to consumer marketers who have Toronto office space at Telsec have been using content marketing for a while, the trend of content marketing is being seen in increasing numbers by office space for lease clients who market business to business products and services. While they still use Facebook, they are also using Business and professional networking site Linkedin.