Often, entrepreneurs and small businesses do not need a full-time office space Toronto. Sometimes they only need the use of an office space for few hours each day or maybe just a few times a week. For businesses and entrepreneurs who only need a part-time office Toronto, shared office spaces are sometimes the best choice. For others who need a little more office time, Toronto semi-private office space is an even more ideal office situation.

Traditionally, sharing an office space with another company or several other companies meant sharing all of the expenses beyond the rent. This meant sharing the cost of office machines such as photocopiers, network printers, fax machines and telephone system – regardless of how much time you spent in the office or how often you used the equipment. Many entrepreneurs and small businesses who only needed part-time office situations did not benefit from these types of arrangements. This is why, over the years, a great number of businesses have explored the concept of Toronto shared office space within an office business centre.

Toronto shared office space within a business centre has had many different names depending where you go. Some of the other names for Toronto shared office spaces are often referred to as  touchdown offices, hot desks, and (in some areas around the world) telecentres. Regardless of the name, the concept is the same. The idea is that multiple companies use common physical work stations or surfaces within a single office during different time periods. In other words 10 or 20 different people could be sharing 5 or 10 desks. Instead of sharing the expenses for office machines like photocopiers, network printers and other equipment, they only pay for what they use.

Here is an example: Company ABC is the local sales office for a multinational company. It has two local salespeople. Each week the salespeople spend most of their time outside the office visiting customers, but they also require a place to do paperwork and sometimes have meetings at their Toronto office space. It would not be economical for the company to rent Toronto office space for a few hours a week, but the salespeople need an office to work from and must arrange customer meetings too. In a traditional office rental Toronto, they would need to pay for meeting rooms that would rarely get used as part of their rent. Then ABC company found an office business centre that offered shared office space. The two salespeople could use the offices at different times or use the meeting rooms (that are complimentary for current tenants) to meet each other or to meet with their individual customers.

Our next blog will examine the advantages of a Toronto semi-private office compared to a shared office space.