Social media can be good for business. You just need to know how to use it to your advantage. Social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are becoming very popular with larger businesses to help with brand awareness and to keep their brands top of mind. But these sites can also benefit small businesses who have office for rent Toronto at office business centres like Telsec.

When it comes to Facebook, the key is to establish and grow your page with followers or “likes.” You should start by letting friends, family and those who you already do business with, get to know you better and like you. The second step is to do some outreach and find groups where the members have similar interests or are potential consumers for your product or service. Thirdly, consider running an inexpensive Facebook ad that allows you to target not only a demographic, but members by their specific interests. This will help to grow your followers. Be sure to visit to learn more about our contests and promotions.

There is not a lot you can say about your business in 140 characters or less, but you can create interest for your #business (i.e. hashtag business) on Twitter. Today for example, # business is one of the things trending on twitter followed by #kate (Duchess of Cambridge) because the news of her pregnancy is still being talked about. The way to promote yourself and get attention on twitter is to incorporate a trending hashtag into your tweets.  IE “Telsec is in the #business of providing the best Toronto office space for small business.”

LinkedIn is often joked about as the Facebook for adults and those serious about business and career development. So for those businesses that are not consumer oriented, this can be the ultimate social networking site. The trick here is to first develop your existing network by inviting colleagues and friends to link with you, then join interest groups and expand your network based on similar interests and objectives. Many of our office space for lease Toronto clients use LinkedIn, especially when searching for new employees. LinkedIn is also the way some of our office space Toronto clients found Telsec.

Whatever your business goals, using social networking and social media websites can help you to expand your business presence and influence.