Most of the time, virtual office Toronto clients work from their home office or on the road. Occasionally some of those Toronto mail service or telephone mail service clients need a place to hold a meeting with customers at “their Toronto office space.” They want to have the meeting at the office space that their customers believe they have. Office business centres like Telsec are prepared and ready to help their virtual office clients, the same way they help their Toronto office space clients.

An office space Toronto client can expect not only access to boardrooms and meeting rooms, but access as well to complimentary coffee, tea and filtered water. They can also expect and have access to other amenities that other tenants in the Toronto Star building enjoy. Building amenities include a dry cleaner, an ATM, convenience store, a bank/credit union on the 2nd floor, and a cafeteria on the 4th floor that also offers catering services.

At Telsec, virtual office Toronto clients can also benefit from the office space Toronto building amenities. Several virtual office clients have held meetings and sales conferences in the boardrooms or conference rooms and needed some food catering. The staff at Telsec suggested that they contact Cafe on 4 (formerly the Toronto Star Cafeteria) to arrange for either a full lunch or a small snack during their meeting.

There are also office amenities that Toronto office space clients enjoy, and that virtual office Toronto clients can utilize. There are also a-la-carte services that are available to office space clients that are also available to virtual office clients. Services such as network printing and colour photocopying are low-cost alternatives for office clients who do not wish to own or lease printers or network printers.

Those businesses who are looking for office space Toronto or even a virtual office Toronto, should be looking at Toronto businesses centres that can fulfill all of their business office needs. Getting a good price for office space or virtual office solutions is great, but if providers cannot accommodate your needs, they may be more of a hindrance than a help.