office space TorontoThe world of technology is no longer in the hands of the large tech giants. Most of the expansion that is occurring is in the online and app development areas. Many of these companies are working from home or in public spaces – and not out of an office!

Today’s Internet marketplace provides so many great tools and options to position a small business. Mobile technology and enlightened working practices mean businesses can streamline their costs. Free wireless zones, advancements in mobile devices and the 3G laptop revolution mean e-mails and more can be accessed from a park bench or a public transit bus.

Historically, the cost of setting up an office, along with maintaining and growing a business, was often prohibitive. Rent, capital cost expenditures on office equipment, utilities and support staff to pay, all add up to making it more difficult for a business to flourish.

Now, more and more start-ups and even established small businesses are re-thinking their office needs and looking more closely at virtual office solutions for their operations. Virtual office locations (such as those operated by Telsec Business Centres) allow small businesses to utilize a prime business address, and have a live professional receptionist who can screen calls and even schedule appointments. When customers call their dedicated business line, the call is answered as directed by the business and handles all calls professionally.

More and more technology companies are starting out from a home office and using virtual offices for their mail service and telephone answering. They also need a provider that has private meeting rooms they can have access to at the same location as their business office address. Having a virtual office at an office business centre gives them access to not only boardrooms, but also to perks like free incoming faxes and inexpensive photocopying and secretarial services.