Watching a video from 1967 can often bring humour to many people under 45 who were not even born then. It was quite enlightening, however, to watch a video from 1967 with Walter Cronkite talking about the predictions of what a home office space would look like in the 21st Century. It was amazing how “not that far off the mark” it was. Remember, this show aired 45 years ago, long before the Internet and long before anyone even thought of the idea of a virtual office Toronto.

Even the fact that (while not actually working) someone thought to have flat-screen video panels in this vision of the future was truly amazing. They really tried to envision things that could be possible in the 21st century. Yes, back in those days most people did not even have colour TV, and the big black-and-white TV sets were huge (not in terms of today’s televisions) because the larger the screen, the deeper the tube.

The idea that people could work from home and not have to go into a downtown Toronto office space was laughed off 45 years ago. Yet today hundreds if not thousands of people work from home without anyone knowing they are not sitting in an office or cubicle of an office space Toronto.

Today, many small businesses or home-based businesses do not have a physical office space environment. Instead they have a virtual office at a prestigious business address and work from wherever they are. The small businesses that do have virtual offices or shared office space at an office business centre, do so because they know they can have prestige and serviced office space without the expense of administrative staff to look after their office space. Instead, they can pay for an office space rental that includes support staff to handle their telephone and mail needs.