With the 2012 Olympic Games in London (which is 5 hours ahead of Toronto) people have realized that many of the live events will be broadcast here early in the day. Even some of the events that are being held in the evening, will be seen here in the afternoon. For people who work during the day, it will be difficult to watch some of the sports live. We decided to take a poll and asked if people planned on taking time off, working different hours to catch certain live events or if they would find a way to watch from work. A number of people said they would be watching while at work. So we asked those people an additional question. “How will you be watching the 2012 Olympics games at Toronto office space?”

Before we tell you how people responded to the questions of “How will you be watching the 2012 Olympics games at Toronto office space?” we thought we would tell you about how some will deal with not being able to watch at work.

Some will be watching the Olympic Prime Time show that will be broadcasting highlights and encore presentations of the different games.

  • Some will not be watching the events and rely on the newspapers to report the results the next day
  • Some will be recording the events they are interested in on their digital television recorders
  • One office space Toronto tenant even admitted that he will be recording the entire days’ events on his VCR (do people still own these things?)

When asked ” How will you be watching the 2012 Olympics games at Toronto office space?” the answers were also interesting.

  • Some of the people who have a Toronto private offices at Telsec responded that they will be watching parts of the live events on their PC over the internet.
  • A number of semi-private office tenants replied that they will be watching the Olympics on their iPad or other tablet computer when they can (so as not to disturb the other person they share the office with).
  • An interesting few people who have shared office space Toronto said that they would be watching some events and highlights on their iPhone or Android smartphone.

Another office space Toronto tenant is asking others around the Telsec’s Toronto office space what big events or finals they most want to watch. This is so he can try to book a free large Toronto boardroom with a big screen TV to watch certain events. Telsec has agreed that people can book the meeting rooms for this purpose but not the entire day and not every day of the 2012 Olympic Games. As well if someone needs the use of the larger boardrooms, those watching the Olympics will have to find another boardroom or conference room to watch the Olympics. Even  virtual office Toronto clients can book boardrooms for the day or half day at a reduced price from what non-clients pay.