When you are choosing to decorate your office space, you should consider the colour you paint the walls. The colour and shade you select for your office walls can affect how much work will get done between those walls.

Paint industry experts say that for work spaces, neutrals and softer, more grayed hues are better for concentration and preventing eye fatigue. The also recommend that you do not leave the walls just bright white.

Bright colours might not be the solution either, colours that are very saturated and not very bright (like emerald green and sapphire blue) generally promote an energy levels. Red might be your favorite colour, but it can have a negative influence in the workplace.

So what colour should you paint your office walls to get more done, or at least to prevent the shade from impeding your work? This is different depending on they type of environment you are aiming for. If you or your staff are easily distracted, stick to a calmer, cooler shades, but if you want a more engergetic environment choose a warm tone of red or blue.

Keep in mind that the ideal colour scheme that your office should be is subjective, depending on the expert you talk to. One colour that most experts agree on to avoid is yellow, this is because yellow is the colour that most people are likely to lose their temper in or demonstrate anger. So avoiding yellow would be good for your business.

The walls in open floor plan offices used as team space are often painted white to maximize the feeling of space, but sometimes it turns the environment sterile under fluorescent lighting and can alter peoples moods. Even if you’re not in an open floor plan, an all-white environment can still have that sterile vibe. The ideal office, instead, is one of subtle colour.

Not one colour is best for every office environment, what works for some businesses may not work for others. Many companies are bringing in colour and paint experts to their office space to customize a colour scheme that best suits the demographic of your staff and the mood that you want to set in your workspace.