Creating-Content-for-BlogCreating new content for your blog or social media followers is not always easy, but it does not have to be hard either. The more you get to know your target audience, the more you will find out what kind of information they are seeking and what they expect from you.

Finding out about your audience can be as simple as looking at your analytics to see what articles you have created have drawn the most attention from your followers. Not only do you want to look at the likes and +1’s, but you want to look at the click-through rate of your visitors. By analyzing your followers likes and follow-throughs, you can begin to determine what similar users (who are your target audience) are looking for you to create and bring to them.

As an office business centre that rents office space to small businesses, you might think that our followers are looking at our blogs and social media posts for information about renting a small office or signing up for a virtual office solution. In actual fact, most of our followers are small business owners or entrepreneurs that are looking to stay up with small business trends and advice. Some of our office for rent tenants follow us for small business solutions to help them better run or market themselves. But they also want to know about the newest services we can offer our clients to make the running of their office environment better and more efficient.

So how can you improve the follow-through on your content and keep your followers happy?

There is a vast amount of information on the Internet. Some of the information on blogs and social media sites is not worthy of a person’s time or is just plain spam. People choose to filter what they read each day by finding others to follow that they trust will give them information that is relevant to them, without having to search for it themselves. When you create content that your followers like and share with their friends, your readership and followers will grow.

As a blog writer or social media commentator, it is your job to follow the news and the people on the Internet who have the influence and knowledge of topics that are important to your followers. When you find several trending articles on the same topic, read them a few times and gather information from several sources on the same topic. Before you start writing about that topic, do some more research and find opinions that either correspond or challenge the idea or theory. Then digest the information and come up with creative advice and helpful conclusions that your audience is looking for.

When you are doing your research and gathering information, be sure to give likes and +1’s to those people on social media that influence you or that you follow. Even if they do not influence you on the particular topic you are writing about, showing your followers that these are the people you follow and trust to help you to have good knowledge about the things you are interested in.

Another great way to know what your followers want to read is to poll them – ask them what topics they want you to do more writing or research on. Asking open-ended questions like “What do you want us to write about?” will get you very few responses, but multiple-choice polls will get you more responses because they are less time consuming and easier to fill out.