serviced office spaceEven though we explain what a Toronto mail service is (in two places) on our website (including a FAQ page), many people still want to know the benefits of using a Toronto mail service.

First let us say that “A Toronto Mail Service is NOT a P.O. Box.” It is a professional business address at a prestigious business centre in a well known, historic Toronto office building.

Unlike a Post Office Box, a Toronto mail service at a professional business centre is a place you can physically meet a potential client or prospective customer at and have an on-site meeting by renting an affordable boardroom or just meeting them in the reception area before taking the meeting off-site, if you wish. Your client can be given the impression that you have a physical office there, instead of seeing banks of mail boxes.

Besides having a professional-looking business address and a place to actually meet your clients, a Toronto mail service can save you the time and hassle of picking up your mail. Instead of having to visit a Post Office box centre to pick up your mail, you can opt to have your mail forwarded to you on a weekly basis for no additional charge. Other than the cost of the postage to send you your weekly mail, there are no additional administrative or processing fees to send your mail to your home office address.

Waiting for a cheque or some other form of payment or important document to be delivered by mail? For a small secretarial fee (and a pre-authorizing letter) your mail service provider can open your mail and let you know who has sent you what. If the mail contains an awaited payment or document, it can be express forwarded to you or put into your regular weekly mail forwarding.

The best part of utilizing a mail service is that you can expand what services you utilize at the business center, without changing the address of your business. If you want to upgrade your virtual office service to include telephone answering, you do not need to change your address. When you want to rent a physical office space, your address does not change.

Just try to get a physical office or telephone answering services at a P.O. box location. In this day and age, your clients can do a simple Google map search for your office – and when they find out you are operating out of a Post Office or a postal delivery storefront, do you think they will perceive you as professional?