Recently, I have read a few articles about small business owners making various rants and raves expressing their opinions about the tipping of their staff by customers. This brings up some questions as to why and what the whole tipping process involves.

The acronym “TIPS” means “To Insure Prompt Service.” But to most small business owners the “TIPS” they are looking for is repeat business, not some extra change in the jar. The goal of a business owner is to keep customers happy and to keep them coming back as happy repeat customers who have benefited from the product or service you provide them with.

I remember when I was young, my father told me that it was an insult to tip the owner of establishment because they knew they were making a profit from the purchase you were making. These days, I know of several establishments where the owners are working the business and have a “Tips” jar on the counter. Tips are intended to encourage staff and service workers to go that extra distance “To Insure Prompt Service” and to provide good service.

While retail and food service businesses may have “Tips” jars, you will not find them on the counters of offices of professional services providers.