If you’re looking for an outstanding coworking space, you need to take a look at the extra services and amenities they offer. Although there is no set list of amenities to watch out for when comparing coworking spaces, it’s good to have a rough idea of what you’re looking for. 

In the list below, we outline some of the top amenities and services you can find in shared office spaces. Based on this list, you can decide what you or your business needs and find a space that works for you. 

What are coworking space amenities?

Office amenities are the little things that tie an office together. They are extra touches that can help bring office together. This can include simple things like a common room, light fixtures, coffee and snacks and much more. Not only do amenities propel culture, but it shows employees that organizations value their time and efforts.

Types of office amenities

Amenities come in different shapes and forms. Depending on the nature of your role and company culture, some amenities will fit in better compared to others. We break down many contemporary amenities into the categories below:

  • Convenience amenities
  • Workplace appeal
  • Mental health amenities
  • Collaboration facilitators 
  • Physical health amenities
  • Technology amenities

In the list below, we’ll rank some of the top amenities that coworking spaces will provide their patrons. Based on your priorities as a small business owner or entrepreneur, you can pick the amenities you want. 

Conference and Meeting Rooms

If you’re someone who has frequent meetings and calls with clients, then using a conference or meeting room is for you. Many coworking spaces have meeting and conference rooms available so you can plan and present webinars and training sessions. A well-equipped meeting room levels up any coworking space. 

Kitchen or Cafeteria Amenities

Everyone loves to eat – especially working professionals and employees. One of the best things you can do for yourself or workers is provide food or kitchen amenities. Some coworking spaces provide additional snacks, beverages (coffee, tea and even kombucha in some cases) or catered lunches. This can go a long way to attracting new working professionals. 

Consistent and Fast Wifi

At the foundation of every shared office space is lightning fast wifi. Without it, freelancers and businesses alike will find the next spot. When choosing a coworking space, make sure the internet is quick and secure so you’ll never run into any trouble. 

Mailing Services

Even though a lot of businesses send mail online, some organizations require physical items to an office space. Whether it be cheques, invoices, credit cards or products, using a mail service provider that works in conjunction with a coworking space is the best solution. 

Gym and Physical Health Services

Nothing beats the convenience of an in-office gym. Providing this type of service can cut both cost and time for professionals working at your coworking space. It gives them the chance to go early or stay late depending on their workloads. 

Shower Facilities

For those that bike to work or use gym services, having a shower available at a coworking space is essential. After a good workout, the last thing workers want to do is spend the day sweaty at the office – especially if clients are coming to visit. Not only do showers raise the bar on a professional level, but they ensure the office and its surroundings stay clean. 

Ergonomic Furniture and Design

Ergonomically designed office furniture (desks, office chairs, footrests and more) makes all the difference for professionals. Providing comfortable work equipment and furniture will bring workers back to your office space again and again. Not only is ergonomic furniture good for business, but it can prevent future body pains and promotes good health in the workplace. 

Natural Lighting

According to a study at Cornell, professionals exposed to natural light at the office experienced an 84% drop in physical pain – including blurred vision, headaches and eye strain. Natural light can also help with fatigue, improved sleep and mood, and work productivity. In a coworking office, natural light can increase the value of the space and attract more professionals and clients. If natural light is important to you, make sure to keep this in mind. 

At Telsec, we encourage business owners looking for office space to check out the amenities of the places they are looking at and take a tour. While on a tour, make sure to have a list of questions prepared so you can coworking service providers about their amenities. We prioritize amenities at Telsec – from being in a central location to a shower on the premises.