Many small businesses that are started out of a home office will graduate to taking a virtual office Toronto when they want to have a professional business address. But a lot do not know what to do when they outgrow their Toronto virtual office. They have established clients who know where their business is and what their telephone number is, so taking a new office with a new address can pose a few challenges. This is not the case for small businesses who choose a Toronto virtual office location that is also in a professional business centre that also offers office for rent Toronto.

One reason that a business may find that they have outgrown their Toronto virtual office is that they have hired staff and do not want to bring staff into their home office because they do not have the office space available – or they do not want to look small to the new hire. Another reason a small business will find that they have outgrown their Toronto virtual office is that they are spending too much time commuting to and from their chosen meeting room Toronto for numerous meetings each week – and it would be better to have an office where they can meet with clients without having to make a special trip.

So, what can you do when you outgrow your Toronto virtual office? If you have your virtual office Toronto at a business centre like Telsec (that offers virtual office plans as well a wide range of office space Toronto solutions) you can take a small step and rent a shared office Toronto that provides you with work space for you and your staff, as well as free use of a variety of meeting rooms of various sizes. You can even take bigger steps and rent a semi-private office or a private office Toronto at the same location without having to change your address or telephone number.

Even if you are just considering taking a virtual office for the first time, know what to do when you outgrow your Toronto virtual office – and take a virtual office at an office space Toronto location that will allow you to grow your business when you outgrow your virtual office.