South-East-BoardroomMost small businesses who work from home or in a one-room office don’t have the luxury of having a meeting room or a boardroom because that is an added expense. Even if they had one meeting a week, the boardroom would sit empty the rest of the time. Having a meeting at the kitchen table of your home or around a crowded office desk is not always the best option, especially when you realize that you need a bigger boardroom for your meeting. Meeting in your office or at a coffee shop can sometimes work for a one-on-one meeting with a client or a vendor, but what about when there is going to be more people at the meeting?

I you have an office or even a virtual office solution at an office business centre, you get access to meeting rooms and boardrooms of various sizes and configurations. Being an office tenant or even a shared office tenant, means you can book a boardroom at no additional cost. Yes, the use of boardrooms and meeting rooms is included in the rent, you and your guests can even enjoy the complimentary coffee.

Virtual office clients can book a boardroom or meeting room at a reduced rate, but even non-clients can rent a boardroom for half a day at a reasonable rate – and the coffee and tea are still free. Office business centres like Telsec can offer you a number of options when it comes to boardrooms. They can provide you with a small meeting room that is perfect for conducting interviews, or they can offer you a boardroom for 12 people around a table.

When you need to have a room configured for a training session, seminar or a lecture, Telsec Business Centres has a few training rooms that can be configured in classroom style, lecture style or even in-the-round for the speaker to be in the middle of participants. One of the newest large meeting rooms can be configured in classroom style, complete with a full wall (floor to ceiling) whiteboard that can give you plenty of space to make notes and give participants in your meeting a way of interacting with your notes.

As an office client, booking a room is as simple as visiting the reception and finding an available boardroom at the date and time you need it for. Virtual office clients and non-clients simply need to contact the boardroom rental coordinator and find a date that works for them – and there will be an available boardroom or meeting room that suits their needs.

While all the boardrooms come equipped with whiteboards and most have TV’s, additional audio-video equipment can be arranged and set up in any of the boardrooms, including High-Speed Internet access and projectors. Remember that using a professionally set-up meeting room in an office business centre is much more impressive to your clients than meeting in a coffee shop or a public library.