semi-private officeGarages, basements, kitchens, living rooms, coffee shops, and co-working spaces are commonplace for a start-up’s so-called headquarters. But are those types of locations the most productive places to get work done? For a small group of entrepreneurs these may work; but for many others utilizing these types of spaces, their creativity is being lost without them knowing it.

While the experiences of starting up in alternative work space environments are invaluable and necessary for company growth, working in these unconventional spaces, with their countless distractions, can make it difficult to get real work done. This is why it is important for entrepreneurs to know the best place to work and keep their focus.

Home offices can work well for some entrepreneurs and small business owners if they are dedicated spaces relatively free from distractions and home-life interruptions. ‘Non-business’ places outside of the home can also cause a loss on focus, without the entrepreneur or small business owner even realizing it. Working out of a coffee shop with WiFi or a public library might seem peaceful, but they too cause distractions and a loss of focus that can become a detriment to the productivity of the person working there.

Some people will suggest that a co-working office space may be a great place to work, but even they too can have their own potential set of distractions. Just like working in a large office with co-workers in a large company, there is going to be that one person who likes to socialize by insisting on sharing some hilarious video clips online – or have nuanced conversations about last night’s local sports game. Remember, you’re there to work. Keep the socializing to your scheduled breaks.

When it comes to working out of a coffee shop or a co-working space, there is a possibility that you may encounter someone who (whether you know it or not) may be in direct competition with you. This could also cause you to loose focus. So it is really important to concentrate on what you want to achieve and keep your cards close to your chest. Then again, if you can keep focused on your tasks, you might try to turn a potential competitor into an ally. If you are both talented and have similar goals, you might find the best way forward is to put your heads together.

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners find that working in a shared office space that allows for shared features – such as shared receptionist services and other shared amenities – can save them money and help them stay focused. This is because these types of situations offer private or semi-private offices with not only price flexibility but privacy choices too. Office business centres (sometimes called executive offices or serviced offices) offer various types of office solutions that can work within your office space budget and accommodate your privacy requirements.