serviced office spaceRegardless of what kind of small business you have, not taking a vacation or recreational time away from your operation will hurt your small business. Almost every small business owner will tell you that they have not taken a vacation in years because their business will not let them. Even entrepreneurs with staff are afraid to take even a day away from the office for fear of losing a client.

Far too often you hear about a business person who has had a stroke or heart attack caused by stress. Stress that can be managed and controlled by a number of factors. So try taking some time away from the stress and allowing your body and mind to not think about work or business.

Even a “Staycation” in your own city can allow the body and mind to revitalize. A “Staycation” is where you take time away from work and enjoy your own city or hometown.  Taking some time away from your office space and not allowing day-to-day work problems affect you will allow you to recharge.

Many small business owners do not know how to walk away from the office for even one day! They fear that without their presence, their entire business will crumble. This is seldom the case – and good customers understand the need to recharge. Having someone answer the phones and explain that the business owner is taking some personal time off, is all most customers need to hear. Knowing that there is an alternate person or voicemail that is being checked is also reassuring to a client.

When a small business has office space at an office business centre, taking a vacation and leaving instructions with staff on how to deal with calls and panic-stricken customers is key. They need to be informed that even if they can reach you, there may be little or nothing you can do while you are away from the office.

What happens when it is a real emergency? That is when you leave word with the professional receptionist at your office business centre that legitimate emergency calls should be sent to your cellphone. When that “real emergency” call does come on your vacation, be prepared to inform your customer that there is nothing you can do until you are able to return to your office. Unless the “real emergency” is going to cause real hardship today, interrupting your downtime will cause more hardship for your mental state of mind tomorrow.

Plan your downtime and plan on having someone cover for you in terms of letting customers know that you are taking time to recharge to serve them better. Most customers and prospective clients will understand that you will be back the next day or in a few days to help them. The prospects or customers who do not understand, are probably not the customers or clients you want.