We are often asked why someone in a company would want a Toronto shared office. There are many reasons for a Toronto shared office. Every company has its own reasons for needing a particular type of office space Toronto  – not every company or entrepreneur needs a full-time office. Companies who do not need a full time office are often attracted to the low price of a Toronto shared office space at only $225 per month. They can use their shared office space when ever they like without even having to check in when they want to use it.

The solution of shared office Toronto is a great fit for those who need more than a virtual office Toronto and less than a Toronto private office. Most often they want the benefits of being a Toronto office space for lease client, without the cost of a private or semi-private Toronto office space. Typically they are companies or individuals who primary work outside of the office, but need a Toronto office space to conduct their administrative functions. One such client is a lawyer who needed to have an office in Toronto and Montreal, so instead of operating two full offices, he has traditional office space in Montreal and a shared office space in Toronto that he only uses for a few days each month.

As a Toronto shared office tenant, they have free use of the seven boardrooms and meeting rooms, as well as two kitchens. Unlike traditional Toronto office spaces, Telsec Business Centre clients are not paying overhead rent for meeting space that they do not use on a regular basis. They also get access to pay-per-use network printers, photocopiers and fax machines. This means not having to make a capital cost investment in these types of equipment, saving them money.

Smaller businesses and entrepreneurs also like the idea of having access to a-la-carte services available to them as Toronto shared office clients. Services like secretarial services, accounting, bookkeeping, data entry, web design and many more services including photography can be arranged at any time. The major incentive to having access to these services is that they only have to pay when they need them and use them. They only need to talk to an office space Toronto staff member, who will put them in touch with the appropriate person for the task they need handled.