I recently had lunch with an old friend who currently resides in Vancouver, he also has an apartment in Toronto when he visits family here. We were talking about him having two office spaces, one Toronto office space and another Vancouver office space. His office space in Vancouver is a private office, but he also has a semi-private office space in Toronto that he uses when he is here. As a business consultant he helps large business to improve their operations, but he also helps them find ways of diversifying. He told me of a recent lecture he gave at a conference where he told conference attendees “why business centre is no longer a bad word”.

His lecture about why business centre is no longer a bad word came about when one of his clients was looking to open a branch office in another city and did not want all the expenses associated with a traditional office space. He told the client about office business centres, but the client was afraid to use one because the company would look smaller than it actually was. After showing the benefits of an office business centre and examples of large businesses who also used these types of office space Toronto, he was sold. The fact is that companies with less than 5 people in a particular office space location are better served at a business centre than a traditional office space.

Business centres have long been looked at as a place for small businesses to enjoy the address benefits of a large business at a prestigious address, but now more big businesses are looking at them as cost-effective solutions for having key staff located near important customers. For a lot less money than setting up a traditional office space, companies can rent office space Toronto at a business centre. One such office space Toronto client at Telsec knows why business centre is no longer a bad word, because its head office and most of its staff are located in Mississauga, but the sales and service people who manage downtown Toronto clients work from a team space in a business centre downtown that is inexpensive office space Toronto and has the technology requirements its staff needs.

Another reason why business centre is no longer a bad word is that customers now know that companies are now using Toronto office space at a business centre to save money. To a customer, a company that saves money using an office space in a business centre means that they are not paying extra – so the company can afford traditional office space downtown.