What is a Hybrid Work Model?

A hybrid workplace model is a style of work that combines working remotely and working on-site. Managers decide how many days per week staff members need to be on-site and how many days they can work remotely. Sometimes, staff members are allowed to decide for themselves when they want to come into the office, and in other scenarios, managers may implement a policy where staff must come to the office 3 days a week and can work remotely 2 days a week.

Policies may change depending on the needs of the company. For example, if there is a group project with a fast-approaching deadline, managers may ask certain employees to come into the office more days a week than usual. On the other hand, during a slower period, staff may be allowed to work remotely for the entire week.

When people are forced into a strict routine – doing the exact same thing every single day – they can quickly become bored and unmotivated to do their jobs. This type of rigid schedule will also increase the likelihood of experiencing burnout.

One of the biggest benefits of a hybrid workplace model is to prevent burnout by offering employees a better work-life balance.

Advantages of Coworking Spaces for Hybrid Work Models


When your business runs on a remote model, it’s easy to select a location to work in since all you need is a quiet space and Wi-Fi connection. However, businesses that operate on a hybrid model will have a harder time since they need to find a location that will accommodate a more dynamic schedule.
Unfortunately, traditional office spaces can’t accommodate for a dynamic schedule because they have fixed contracts. And that’s where coworking spaces come into play.

Coworking spaces offer flexible rental terms, so you can easily switch from working remotely to working in the office whenever you need – you can adjust your space to your schedule.

Affordable replacement for traditional offices

Businesses that adopt a hybrid work model would see traditional offices as a waste of money – to be quite frank. After all, why would a business need to be contractually and financially obligated to a space they only use half the time?

With traditional offices, you will have to pay rent even on the days that you aren’t using the office. This means if you only need the office for 2 weeks out of the month, you will still need to pay for the entire month’s worth of rent. Not to mention, you will also need to pay for all your office equipment, wifi access, and additional expenses.

Coworking spaces make things more affordable by allowing you to pay as you go with no long-term commitment. So if you only need the space for two weeks, you will only need to pay for those two weeks.

Additionally, the price you pay for coworking spaces includes office equipment, technologies, wifi, etc.

A variety of options

A common misconception about coworking space is that you need to share a desk with a stranger sitting next to you – but this is not always the case.

Yes, it’s true that some coworking spaces are arranged so that you are sharing desk space with people you don’t know. But there are also coworking spaces where you can have your own desk or even your own private office space. Office spaces can also range in size so you can accommodate as many or as few people as you like.

Coworking spaces can also offer access to meeting rooms and boardrooms. This is great for businesses that operate on a hybrid model because they no longer need to use their kitchen table or a coffee shop couch as a meeting room for clients. They can simply reserve a meeting room at their coworking office.


A common problem small businesses face is needing to learn how to manage scaling up or down. For example, a business owner sees that his company is growing, and he wants to make the switch from working remotely to a hybrid work model. However, he wants to avoid signing a lease for a traditional office because he is still determining how often his team will need access to office space. He also does not know exactly how much his business will grow within the next few months.

By choosing a coworking space at a business centre like Telsec, you will easily be able to scale up or down. We offer a multitude of coworking solutions, so if you need a smaller space for one or two team members in February, but by March your business has grown, and you now need room for 10 employees, you can easily make the switch without being tied down to a long term contract.

This solution also works in reverse – if you start out needing a larger office space, but down the road, you see that a smaller office is a better fit for you, you can easily scale down.

Whereas, if you were to go with a traditional office space, it would be much harder to scale up or down quickly – given the long-term lease agreements.

Networking opportunities

Coworking environments allow businesses to connect with other like-minded professionals from different backgrounds. This could give you the opportunity to expand your network, learn about different industries and potentially make collaborations with a new partner.

Better internal relationships between coworkers

Think of your business like a machine, the employees are the gears, and employee relationships are the oil that helps turn the gears. If the relationships between colleagues are poor, the gears won’t turn smoothly.

When employees work well together, they will be able to learn from each other, rely on each other, and help one another – and this, in turn, will benefit your business. However, if employees are always working remotely, they don’t get a chance to build strong relationships with their coworkers – since creating a relationship solely online is challenging.
A coworking space provides your team with a location to work together in person. Giving your employees an opportunity to meet face to face more often will allow them to build stronger relationships, therefore making them more motivated and productive at work.

Additionally, a coworking space will give them a chance to break free from the isolation of constantly working alone.

Toronto Coworking Space

A Toronto coworking space gives you the extra advantage of elevating your business’s professional image. Telsec’s coworking business centre is located in the heart of downtown Toronto’s Finacial District. This means you get all the prestige of using a downtown Toronto office, without compromising your budget.