The question of why Telsec Business Centres writes a blog that mainly gives small business tips has once again been asked in our social media channels. This time it was asked on our Google Plus page. The author wanted to know why we did not just talk about office space or virtual offices. While our answer there was relatively short on the Google Plus page, we thought we should elaborate here.

While medium and large businesses do rent offices in business centres, the majority of office-space tenants are entrepreneurs and small businesses. This is also true of virtual office clients. Small businesses choose business centres because of “serviced office” value. In other words, they do not need to worry about office furniture, photocopiers, telephone systems and other capital investments they would require in a raw office space environment.

Small businesses are always on the lookout for ways to lower costs, increase productivity, better perform and improve overall. They often do not have the resources their larger competitors have, so they have to continue to find ways to leverage themselves.

Our goal as an office business centre is to help our small business clients to concentrate on their core business activities and leave the running of the office to us. So if we can help them by also providing helpful and timely tips and information in our blogs and social media postings, our customer loyalty is hopefully enhanced.

Researching and creating content for and about small business allows for a better understanding of not only the continuous challenges faced by small businesses, but also help readers gain insight into new and emerging challenges, trends and viable solutions that some small businesses have yet to encounter  – or have fallen behind on establishing.

So why do we not post much about Telsec Business Centres as a singular product? Well, it’s simple – we do not want to use our social media interactions as a product sales push or a hard sell like many  marketers do. We prefer to keep our brand in front of our audience while supplying them with content that they will find useful. When they are looking for office space or a virtual office, we will hopefully be a top-of-mind option for their small business office needs.