Primarily, freelancers work from home, especially when they are starting out. It makes sense to utilize space and resources that you already have. Besides being convenient to work from home , it cuts down on your start-up costs. But how do you know when it is time to move your business into office space specifically dedicated to your freelance business?

Renting an office space outside of your home may seem frivolous and a waste of money for a freelancer. Considering that you can have a functional home office (that you already own or are renting), it is a cost-effective solution. But what if someone told you that renting a professional office space can not only be affordable, but can also help a freelancer do their job better?

When should you consider renting an office space?

Yes, most downtown office spaces can be very expensive, but they do not have to be! Office business centres can be found at inexpensive prices. Shared resources such as a receptionist (and a-la-carte or administrative support) will lower your office costs and overhead much more than renting traditional office space.

Other reasons you may want to rent an office is that your freelance business requires you to meet frequently with clients and your home office may not facilitate this. This is especially true if you live far away from the downtown conveniences your clients expect before or after a meeting.

You also have to consider the distraction level and noise in your home that prevent you from getting your work done in an efficient manner. This includes distractions such as other inhabitants of your home, but also friends and family who think because you work at home, it is okay to stop by unannounced.

There are also many benefits for freelancers who establish a professional office space. One of the biggest benefits of having a physical location is the image of stability that it projects to your clients, as well as the fact that it makes you look more professional.

Besides getting you out of your house, sharing office space at an office business centre with other independent professionals and small business owners, may provide you with the opportunity to socialize, network or even brainstorm with other tenants.

While having an office outside the home is not ideal for all freelancers, many are also discovering the concept of co-working as an alternative to renting an office space – and seeing this as another benefit of having an office outside their home.