It is a dilemma you will face at some point during the life of your small business. The company is growing nicely but there is only so much you can do. Adding administrative support staff is an option to help you with the administrative work while you concentrate on your core business. What if you could have a serviced office Toronto that has administrative support staff that works for you on an a-la-carte basis? Would that not be a big help to growing your business?

A key function of support staff is answering calls and greeting clients or guests who visit your business. With a serviced office at Telsec Toronto office space, you already get a professional receptionist who performs these functions at no extra cost. Then maybe you need someone to do some filing or sort your mail for cheques and invoices, these tasks can be handled for a small secretarial fee.

Let’s look at the costs of having support staff at a traditional office space.

One of the most costly parts of a traditional office space Toronto is typically administrative costs, especially the hiring of administrative staff. Yes it would be great to have someone to take care of secretarial, bookkeeping and other tasks that are not part of your core role in the business, but can you afford to hire someone who is not directly helping with the main functions of your business serving your clients or selling to new customers?

The first thing you have to consider is the cost of hiring and training someone. Not only are there the costs of employee benefits and payroll to consider – do not forget that your small office will probably have to move to a bigger space, sign a lease and purchase more equipment. So the other benefit – only using secretarial, support and other administrative staff at a Toronto Serviced office space – is that you do not need to make space for them or buy equipment.

While most people think of secretarial, bookkeeping and administrative support staff being offered as on-demand office services at a Toronto serviced office, they do not realize what other services Telsec can help arrange.

  • Accounting – Petty cash records, setting up and maintaining accountancy packages and taxation.
  • Airport Pickups – If clients or guests needs airport pick up, Telsec can organize a reliable and professional limousine / car service. Telsec can also help clients arrange downtown car services to get to and from other meetings.
  • Presentations – Professional presentations and desktop publishing, as well as database compilation.
  • Presentation Binding – Professionally bound and delivered by one of our staff to your office ensures effective use of your time.

What really surprises potential Telsec serviced office space customers is that they can also help to arrange graphic design services, web design services, a professional photographer to take product photos, commercial photos or corporate head shots – and Telsec can even help to arrange catering for meetings and working lunches.

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