The Olympic Games may be 3,000 km away, but they still have an impact on Toronto traffic. London just opened their lanes designated for Olympic traffic, but Toronto still has underused HOV lanes. These are lanes that are kept for buses, taxis and other high-occupancy vehicles with more than two people. These far-left lanes are very popular with those who carpool.

Yes, London opened the dedicated lanes for Olympic official traffic to regular traffic during special times. That is mainly due to the fact that organizers found that many Olympic officials and athletes prefer to take public transit, especially the underground. Even Olympic President Jacques Rogge, who was also the first IOC  president to stay in the Athletes Village back in 2002, has traveled to and from Olympic events via the London underground subway.

Most companies are affected by the road closures and traffic gridlock that the Olympics have caused. Many more have adopted the Toronto office space experience.

Many companies who have office space or are renting office space for rent have opted to give their workers the option of remote working. Telsec always gives its Toronto office space clients the ability to work remotely. Remote office work is the new future.
Time for us to think more about our office space Toronto and we too can work remotely when large events cause traffic congestion on Toronto and surrounding area roads.