Working remotely to your office space Toronto without home Internet can be easily done using a USB Internet stick that is available from most cell phone providers. These sticks are great when you are just using small amounts of Internet bandwidth such as browsing the web, checking emails and small file uploads. The downside of these USB Internet sticks are the limits of speed and the amount of data you can use before it becomes cost prohibitive. Even the cost to purchase one of these sticks can be $200 to $300, and then you have to choose your usage plan.

You can also consider Working remotely to your office space Toronto without home Internet if you have a laptop computer and an available wifi signal from a neighbour . You have to have a really nice neighbour who trusts you using their Internet. Even with wifi connections, the transfer speed of wireless Internet connections are slower and less secure than what you get from a wired Internet connection. This is also why my office space Toronto at Telsec offers both wired and wireless Internet solutions to its clients. Those clients (who require faster connections for larger file transfers or move secure connections) will use a wired connection. Those who want the flexibility and mobility will log in to use the available wifi connection.

Another alternative to Working remotely to your office space Toronto without home Internet is an Internet cafe, but then you are not at home and are limited to the availability of a computer at the time you need it. You are also paying by the minute on a computer that may not have the software that you require or the files that are on your home computer. (Yes, you can move your files with a USB flash drive, but do you really want to transfer them to a public computer?)

If you have a laptop with wifi, you can always go to coffee shops and restaurants that provide free wifi while you are dining or drinking. The most you could probably do in the limited time you are able to sit at the coffee shop or restaurant is to check and reply to emails and maybe do some web browsing. This method of connecting to the internet is not the best solution for working remotely to your office space Toronto without home Internet.

I am writing this blog because I just moved into a new home and I am not able to get Internet service at this time due to technical issues that the ISP (Internet Service Provider) is having with the way my apartment’s wiring is configured. They are telling me that they may not be able to fix it for several days. The other problem is that I had two computers, my computer at home and the laptop I had at the office. Now I only have the desktop computer at home, because two weeks ago I left my laptop in the cafeteria and it has not yet been turned into security. I am now in a position where I may need to move my desktop computer into my Toronto office space and not have the ability to work from home until I replace my laptop and get Internet service at home.