Conference or Toronto seminar training room rentals are not always the first thing people think of when they hear the words office business centre. Say office business centre and most people just think of a cost-efficient office space facility with shared amenities and a-la-carte services. While that is a true representation, sometimes they offer more.Telsec not only offers office space Toronto and all the usual amenities and features at its Toronto business centre, they also have two large seminar training rooms that can accommodate up to 50 people in each room.

The Toronto seminar training rooms can be configured in various ways depending on the needs of the conference or training session. The room can be set up with theatre-style seating, classroom-style (desks facing forward), horseshoe style or one of many more ways. The type of configuration will determine the number of people the room can accommodate. Some configurations require more furniture and more space for that furniture. Typically, theatre-style can accommodate 50 people and classroom-style can comfortably fit 30 people.

Most times these two Toronto seminar training rooms are rented separately, but they can also both be rented at the same time. One software training company has even rented both large Toronto training rooms for multiple days so they could run two simultaneous training sessions. Another company rented both conference rooms for their 20 staff members and their 35 freelance associates; each group was in their own training session. Upon touring the facilities during a coffee break, a number of the associates wanted to book appointments with an office-space coordinator to look into renting a Toronto downtown office space in this location.

Both of the Toronto seminar training rooms at Telsec are located on the 19th floor and are very close to the kitchen where conference attendees can enjoy complimentary coffee, tea and filtered water. There is also a microwave in the kitchen where they can heat up their lunch. Catering can also be arranged for conferences or training sessions that wish to provide breakfast or lunch.