Toronto Mail Service

Toronto Mail Service

When you open a Toronto mail service account or a virtual office Toronto account that includes a prestigious mailing address in a Downtown Toronto office space building, your mail is held for you or redirected to you on a weekly basis.

If it is convenient to visit the office once or twice a week, keeping up on your mail is easy to keep track of your mail. If you getting a large sum of mail on a weekly basis and have it re directed, it can become quite a chore to sort out.

Too often these days most of our postal mail is junk mail and un-solicited offers to do business. The mail we do want like cheques and  contracts seem to get buried in the pile of mail we receive. While most of our mail is not of an urgent matter, often times there is mail we want ASAP.

When mail is delivered to Telsec’s Toronto virtual office, the staff sorts it into the appropriate mail slots for each client. Some clients choose to have all mail forwarded to them on a weekly basis, but others prefer to call in and see if they have mail. Then there are the clients who have chosen to use the secretarial services and have their mail categorized and even opened to check for contents. For a small nominal fee, they can have cheques forwarded on a daily basis and the remainder of their mail sent on a weekly basis.

Telsec works with their clients to find office service and secretarial packages that work best for the client. Even when a client wants a special service provided, there are no hidden fees, the price is provided to them up front.

When you call Telsec, ask one of their friendly and professional staff about the many secretarial and administrative services they provide to their clients.