What do a bunch of insurance actuaries, employment consultants, lawyers, employment recruiters, IT start-ups, non-profits, notary publics, immigration consultants, talent agents, modelling companies, photographers, web design firms, and even a couple international airlines have in common? It is something they share with several non-profits, charities, unions, and several professional standards bodies. Each of these businesses shares the same business address. These are some of the types of businesses found when conducting a Google search using “1 Yonge St. Suite 1801” as the keyword query.

Established in 1980, Telsec Business Centres provides office space and professional services to hundreds of different businesses in hundreds of different sectors. Working with so many businesses ranging across so many interests and professions has taught us a bit about the other things all businesses have in common. All businesses are built to grow and they all need a stable and positive base to grow in. What that base looks like and how it functions differs from business to business but when provided a safe and stable platform, a business can flourish. Without it they wither.

Telsec provides a number of office space arrangements designed to meet the needs of the hundreds of businesses that have already passed through our doors. Last month our marketing team defined all types of office rental relationships we promote. They include; private office space, team space, executive office suites, semi-private office space, coworking space, shared office space, daily office rental, and temporary office space rentals. Telsec also offers virtual office services. Believe it or not, each type of office rental relationship is unique.

Private offices and executive suites are popular with small businesses growing past the owner’s home and with larger international businesses relocating to Toronto or wanting to establish a presence in the locally or nationally. They are also popular with business consultants, self-employed professionals or trades persons, and when home businesses need to temporarily move into a public office space rather than a private home.

Our Team Space office rentals accommodate larger groups in an open space work environment. These spaces can comfortably fit up to 25 employees depending on set-up and technical requirements. They are extremely popular with businesses entering Toronto’s rapidly expanding start-up scene.

Semi-Private office spaces are shared between two or more different businesses. These spaces tend to be taken by people who need a place to store their work, files, and equipment but don’t need to access the office every day. Instead, they prefer to share their space with other businesses in order to save monies on rent and outfitting their own offices. As with all Telsec clients, semi-private offices enjoy 24/7 access and all support amenities Telsec can offer.

These amenities include

  • Free boardroom and meeting room time at Telsec’s Toronto location
  • Professional business address – Toronto’s #1 Address
  • Complete professional telephone answering services personalized for your company
  • Access to 700+ locations across the globe
  • High-speed Internet connection
  • Support staff providing free and fee based administrative and business services
  • Free and fee based (for paper and consumables) business machines and equipment, such as colour, black and white photocopier, network printer, scanner, fax, high volume/security shredder and mass mailing machine
  • Modern office styles and furniture
  • Kitchen facilities featuring complimentary coffee, tea and filtered water

Telsec kitchen facilitiesWe’ve also learned that even if each business we deal with is more complex than one might realize, it’s the simple things that count. To conduct business there are a number of things each business must do that an observer might not think about. Beyond providing a consistent set of professional business services at reception and in our mail-room, Telsec spends a lot of time considering how to best support our clients to help them build their businesses. Much of business work is mundane, accounting and collecting and paperwork. In other words, it is typical business drudgery. Over time, we discovered the biggest way we could help our clients deal with the mundane work was to maintain excellent and fully stocked kitchens in key areas of the business centre. It might sound like a small thing but it is one of the items mentioned most often by our clients.

If you’re interested in expanding your business into a fully functioning office space at the best known address in the country, give Telsec Business Centres a call at (416) 363-9035 or toll free +1 877-705-0707. As the summer starts to fold into fall and kids go back to school, people start to think about opening or improving their businesses and we start to get busier. Come in for a tour sooner than later. We can’t guarantee the best views but your chances of getting a great office are greatly improved. We book offices on a first come, first serve basis and along with the best known business address in Canada, Telsec also has some of the most beautiful views in Toronto. We’re located on the waterfront with Lake Ontario and the Toronto Islands as a backdrop to most of our south and east facing offices.