When a small or medium-sized business needs to hold an offsite meeting or training session, business owners will search to find the best space for their whole team. If you’re trying to attract new clients to your flexible workspace, it’s important to showcase all the benefits you offer. The more you cater to a wider variety of businesses and their different needs, the more clients will be drawn to your office space.

Here are a few things you can do to help your clients reach their meeting or seminar goals.

Understand the purpose of your client’s meeting

The first step to attracting new customers to your shared office space is to get a better understanding of their needs and what brings them value. To start, you can send over your clients a questionnaire or survey asking what would take their seminar or training session to the next level.

A lot of clients enjoy complimentary food and beverage – and it doesn’t need to be anything extravagant. Adding that extra touch of customer service will make you memorable and will likely attract future clients.

Enhance your office experience

There are a few elements and characteristics to keep in mind when designing your office space:

  • Natural & bright lighting
  • Modern technology (user-friendly)
  • Good acoustics
  • Office equipment
  • Flexibility
  • Amenities (Gym, shower and nice bathrooms)
  • Clean and modern

Understand that new generations come with new working expectations

As younger generations enter the workforce, office expectations start to shift. What previous generations used to prefer or appreciate no longer applies to those leaving university. With the influx of younger generations in the modern office space, work values have changed including:

  • A desire for shorter and more productive meetings
  • Flexible scheduling and prioritizing work-life balance
  • Increased creativity and owning one’s work

With these new modern values in place, meeting space providers need to make sure their office spaces reflect them. Offices should make sure their technology is up-to-date, their meeting rooms and coworking spaces are optimized for brainstorming sessions and virtual meetings while being comfortable.

Provide a top tier experience for the right price

People in the workforce today care about more than just compensation and benefits. Many employees are searching for unique experiences in both work and play scenarios. Creating novelty in your meeting and seminar rooms will make you more memorable compared to other spaces.

In order to attract new customers, meeting space owners need to consider their infrastructure and who they work with. It’s no longer enough to only have a competitive price and prime location – amenities make all the difference.

Promote your meeting space on social media

One of the best ways to promote your meeting and seminar rooms is to use social media. You can post digestible videos that show snippets of your office space to create interest and use Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn as your tools. Not only does this promote different types of meeting spaces, but it pushes your company name in front of your clients’ followers and network.

At Telsec, we cover all our bases and ensure our clients get the best possible experience. With our modern interior, surrounding amenities and top-tier meeting rooms and seminar rooms, our clients will have access to everything they need. If you’re curious, get in touch with us and book a tour today.