If you’re conducting a seminar or training session, there are a few things to keep in mind. Before we review what you should include in your own seminar room checklist, it’s important you nail down the perfect location. Yes, even for training sessions and seminars, the “location, location, location” rule still applies. The location of your training session or seminar can easily influence the success of your event – so choose it strategically!

Why you need a training room checklist

In general, a lot of people don’t inherently enjoy meetings, training sessions and seminars. But, there is a way to make them more enjoyable and engaging. Having your own checklist of what equipment and materials you need, can make the experience that much better.

Seminar and training room checklist

No seminar or training room setup is 100% foolproof. However, to ensure your training sessions run smoothly, there are a few things you can check off your list to make sure it does. Let’s dive into that list below.

Seminar or training room

This is the most obvious and important step on your checklist. Make sure to do your research and choose a training room that can accommodate your audience. If your current office space can’t hold a seminar or training session, look into training room rentals or virtual office spaces. Seminar room rentals give you flexibility and can even offer elevated amenities.


Before booking a training room, count the number of attendees coming and make sure there’s an appropriate number of chairs and tables available for everyone. No one enjoys standing in long sessions or being crammed between others. If available, ask for extra chairs in case an extra person shows up.

Refreshments and snacks

Almost everyone can agree that refreshments and snacks make anything better – especially a training session or seminar. Come prepared with coffee, fruit, yogurts and other small bites that people can snack on. If your seminar starts early, you can even go the extra mile and have catering come and prepare breakfast (same with lunch or dinner). If food is out of the question, a simple coffee stand and bottled water and juices can go a long way.


In order to have a successful training or seminar session, it’s imperative you have all the necessary infrastructure to make it happen. This includes cables, power, WiFi, sockets, adapters and more. Most training sessions today require tons of technology and equipment, so make sure you have everything you need to avoid mishaps and wasting time.

Office equipment

Before you start your seminar, remember to have office supplies available to your participants like paper, pens, whiteboard markers, ink and more. It’s likely a few attendees will forget their own so it’s helpful to have office equipment on hand.

While the above tips will help you fill your checklist, there are a few other things to include in addition to your list. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are there breakout spaces available if you need to send participants off to small groups?
  • Are there places outside the facility where groups can go off and work or get fresh air?
  • Are printing and photocopying services available within the facility?
  • If additional supplies and materials are required (pens, stationery, etc), is the facility able to accommodate these needs?
  • What accommodations does the facility have for accessibility for attendees with special needs?

Key takeaways

Hosting your training sessions and seminars at Telsec makes your planning less time-consuming and tedious. We offer tons of amenities and have a convenient location in downtown Toronto, seconds away from the subway. Get in touch with us and book your next seminar and training room today!