In this week’s blog series about living and working downtown, we started off exploring the financial, social and family benefits which we will be covering more in our next few blogs. This blog will talk about some specific benefits for small business owners who have downtown Toronto office space – and who also choose to live downtown.

When you have a small business that has a downtown office space, your reasons for having that space were important because you either wanted to have a prestigious office business address or more importantly, you wanted to have your office close to where you could meet with downtown clients or potential clients. Being a small business owner, you often find yourself spending long hours in your office space for rent and added time commuting to the suburbs. These are potential hours that you could have worked in your office.

It is common for small business owners to take work home with them on evenings or weekends. While most businesses can store files on cloud servers for easy access, there are always those files or projects where you need to have a hard copy that includes changes and updates that have not been made on the computer. There are those times when you leave that file at the office, or worse, at home – and that is the only copy of the changes. So you are now faced with either a long commute home then returning back to office, or to re-doing the work that you took home. While living closer to the office will not solve this problem, it could potentially save you a great deal of time. As trivial as leaving a file at home may sound, consider the inconvenience of having to return home in the event you spill coffee on yourself or rip your trousers running for the elevator on your way to your office space Toronto.

Besides the obvious benefit for small business owners who live downtown close to their office of not having to commute (and go into their office at any time of the day), there are car insurance savings to consider. For those who still want to own a vehicle and live downtown, they can see reduced insurance rates because they do not use their car to commute to work and their vehicle is most likely locked in a secure underground facility.

Let’s also consider the health benefits of living a reasonable walking distance from your home and walking to and from your office. It is no secret that small business owners suffer more stress than their big-business counterparts. Walking to and from your office for rent Toronto is one of the best ways to get exercise and relieve stress.

Speaking of stress, our next blog will discuss the growing number of families who are moving into downtown condos. They are choosing to move downtown to reduce the stress on the family caused by the many hours each day they commute – thus taking away from quality time that could be spent with family and friends.