Working at home is not the trend of the future, but the reality of today. As more and more people leave corporate life for a simpler and relaxed business environment or consulting career, many people who are starting up their businesses often choose to start by establishing a home-based office rather than an office space Toronto. What many do not realize is that operating a business at home is not without its own problems, trials and tribulations.

The ten most common problems are:

  1. Distractions from family and friends
  2. Being taken seriously in business
  3. Working too much
  4. Separating work and personal life
  5. Lack of support services
  6. Not enough space
  7. Feeling isolated
  8. Lack of privacy
  9. Self-discipline and self-management
  10. Zoning

Over the next few blogs, we will be discussing how to overcome some of the problems and challenges of working from home rather than at an office space Toronto. This blog will deal with the first and foremost problem of distractions from family and friends.

Distractions from family and friends

One of the major challenges of working from home rather than an office space Toronto is the distractions from friends and family. It is hard for some people to put their heads around the fact that you are working. They feel that because you work from home, you can work whenever you want and do not have to stay on a schedule. Home-based business owners often find that their children have the hardest time understanding. They think that because you are home, you can play with them or help them with problems or questions. You are also constantly bombarded with requests from friends and family who may feel that working from home gives you more time to talk with them, help them with a problem or chore, or for them to visit with you. Be sure that your family and friends understand what it takes to operate a home business.

Talk to your spouse and ask for support, and explain to children that you need to be given time to work for the business, even if your place of business is your home. Explain to friends who want to visit you that even though you are at home, you are working. Give family and friends some specific times when you can interact and socialize with them. Have hard and soft rules in terms of days or hours when you can slip away from your home-based business and when you cannot. Establishing these working hours and boundaries is key to the success of working from home.

Working from home and being self-employed means that you have to take more control over your schedule and your environment. Unlike working for a company with downtown Toronto office space, there is no one standing over you. You must be the one to step up and be the boss. This is especially true because there is no corporate policy or procedure manual for working from a home office. You make the rules and you must adhere to them if you want to be a success.

Finally, emergencies and unexpected home issues will come up from time to time, but you should treat them as if you were working at an office space for rent Toronto. Decide if the emergency needs your immediate attention or if it can wait. Prioritize home-related tasks and finish them on time. Sometimes you will be tempted to take time away from what you are doing for household chores such as laundry or the dishes, but be careful not to let yourself get so distracted that you forget about your working schedule and looming deadlines.

The next blog will deal with being taken seriously in business while working from home and how setting up a virtual office will help to maintain your professional image.