In today’s business environment many companies are seeking green friendly products and services to not only show their customers that they are doing their part for the environment, but also to save money. Many companies make an effort of finding green office space Toronto. They want office space Toronto that is environmentally friendly or Toronto office space that takes steps to reduce their carbon footprint.

Finding green office space Toronto does not always require looking at brand new buildings that were specifically built to be green, many owners of older building have spent millions of dollars retrofitting the existing buildings to comply with modern green standards and environmentally sustainable practices. In some cases the retrofitting of an existing structure can have less impact on the environment than the construction of new building that is designed to be green. Some older buildings have installed rooftop gardens and grass while others have changed all of their lighting ballasts and lighting systems to lower wattage usage yet brighter lighting.

As important as it is finding a green friendly building, finding green office space Toronto does not stop with just finding a green building. Telsec has taken additional steps to help the environment by purchasing office furniture made from recycled materials, installing a computerized lighting system that controls lighting in off peak hours and when offices are unoccupied and by buying business machines and photocopiers that are Energy Star certified. Even the renovated washrooms at Telsec’s Toronto office space were designed and built with energy and water conservation in mind. The automatic low flow taps are actually powered by a battery that is charged by a turbine inside the tap, so the water that comes out is creating the power. Telsec even endorses traveling to work by taking green transportation.

Just when you thought that Telsec has done enough in helping you in finding green office space Toronto was enough, Telsec has even gone further and moved this blog and its website to a hosting company that is green powered.  Yes, this office space Toronto blog is hosted by a company that was one of the first web hosting companies to make a public commitment to going green.