Toronto Office SpaceWhy should your company or organization consider renting a green friendly office space? Because it is good for the environment? Because it is good for your businesses bottom line? Because you can show your clients that you care about being green? Or is it all of the above?

Being an eco friendly office is more far-reaching than most other office environments, having a green friendly office space Toronto helps to preserve this planet we live on. Being a green friendly office does not just mean recycling, it also means reducing consumption of natural resources like water. Having a touchless faucet that control the flow and motion detectors that start and stop the flow of water not only saves on water consumption, but the flow of the water can charge the battery of the electronic controls.

You might be wondering how being a green friendly office space in Toronto can help your company’s bottom line. By saving energy and consumption of non-renewable resources, you reduce your operating costs. By replacing old 35-watt T-12 high-output fluorescent lamps with more energy efficient 28-watt T-8 low-energy fluorescent lights, you will save energy without compromising brightness. Another way to save energy is to use a computerized system that detects when lights are not needed and shuts them off to conserve even more energy. A system like this in your Toronto office space can also detects after-hours conditions and compensates for lights left on by late working office staff and cleaning staff.

Letting your clients and consumers know that your downtown Toronto office space is a green friendly office space Toronto, tells them that you are not only conscientious, but you are looking to save money in order to reduce the overhead costs associated with your product or service. Leave your mark in the industry by choosing a green office space.

Even when you are just looking for virtual office Toronto, you can benefit by renting an office from a green friendly office space Toronto. Being green and saving on energy costs is why office business centres like green office space provider Telsec can offer Toronto virtual office solutions starting at $30 per month.