You are always hearing people say “oh, there is an app for that” about almost everything. But do you really need an app for that? Buying or installing apps on your mobile device or tablet might not just cost you money and data time, but it can also take up precious memory and effect the speed of your device.

Unless you have an app that you use on a regular (if not daily) basis, why download it? Many small business owners have productivity and communication apps on their phones and other devices that makes things work easier, so other apps may not be necessary.

Consider what finding office space with no app would be like. It would be as easy as doing a web search and finding a office-space provider that has a mobile-friendly website. If you were searching for “office space Toronto” on Google, you would see Telsec as an office provider in Toronto. When you clicked on the Telsec link, you would find a mobile-friendly site that has all the same information as you would see on our desktop and tablet versions as well as our full-colour printed corporate brochure.

Many businesses today are using responsive designs because they can detect the size of your screen and render the information in a format that best suits the device you are browsing on. This is most often detected by a CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) that has a set of instructions of how to display the information in the best way for you to see it in the fastest and most efficient way. The CSS can also tell the server to display lower resolution and smaller images for faster loading. But it can also display some images to make the page load faster and reduce your data usage.

Only a few years ago, some sites used javascripts to detect if you were using a mobile device or a tablet (some still do today), then re-direct you to a mobile version of the website. But this sometimes meant that you, as a visitor, were not seeing the entire site. Yes, these mobile versions of their websites worked well for some, but did not always give the option to view the full website in a mobile-friendly way.

Again, with a responsive website like Telsec’s, it is easy finding office space with no app required for a Toronto business centre. But what about your customers finding your small business? Every small business that is promoting, selling or wanting to be found by customers on mobile devices needs to have responsive websites. Why? Because more people than ever before are using tablets and mobile phones to search for the products or services they need. Simple as that!