Flexible office space solutionsOften when we have talked about flexible office space, we have referred to the flexibility in the lease term and the size of the office. We have also talked about the fact that renting office space in an office business centre and having options such as short-term rentals and the ability to upgrade to a larger office or move into a smaller office in the location is ideal – without having to change your address or business telephone number. But we now want to talk about the other ways a business centre can be flexible.

One way is the a-la-carte services they offer as well as the physical size and configuration of the actual office space. But often that is not enough for some small businesses. More needs to be done, so some office business centres offer ways of sharing office space and co-working office solutions. While co-working offices may work for some small business owners, others prefer a limited shared office or even a semi-private office that they only share with one other person.

Co-working office space is ideal when you just need a space to set your laptop down or want to work interactively with other small business owners. Being able to bounce ideas off of each other and network can be a great asset to a small business owner, but it does not work for everyone. Finding your best office working situation is key to your success, so trying various flexible office methods can be important when starting out. Even if you choose co-working office space, you should make sure that they offer mail services and telephone answering services, to keep your business perception professional.

Professional office business centres that offer flexible office space, co-working, virtual offices and meeting rooms, will often be good places to begin your search for a home for your business. Having flexibility when you start to grow or even when you need to shrink your office needs will give your customers a sense of your company stability, without knowing how your actual office situation may have changed.

What do you want from an office business centre that offers flexible office space? What services and amenities would you want to see offered?  While the flexibility you may want from your office space may not be available now, letting flexible office space providers know your needs will help them to find new ways of offering services to your small business.