Entrepreneurs and small business owners are always looking to enhance productivity, so the question they need to ask themselves is “Am I comfortable where I am getting my work done”? You might have a private office or shared office space that is a cumbersome or not spacious enough, or a home office that is full of distractions. But your comfort level can be an important factor in increasing your productivity and happiness. There are a number of things that you can do to ensure that the space where you work is comfortable – and therefore promotes productivity.

1. Consider the furniture. As obvious as this sounds, many people do not think about how their choice in office furniture will increase their comfort level and enhance their productivity. So what should you think about when considering office furniture? What is the best kind of office chair? A good office chair will an adjustable seat to have your feet firmly on the floor. The chair should also have adjustable-height armrests that can be set to a level that keeps your arms and shoulders relaxed enough that will keep your lower arm perpendicular to your keyboard. Don’t stop at the office chair. Make sure that you also have an ergonomic desk that will not make you have to stretch to your keyboard, and be able to hide your keyboard when you are not using it. The best ergonomic keyboard holder will also have room (or an extension) for your mouse on the same height level. Another consideration that you might think about is having a height-adjustable desktop that will allow you to use your desk as a standing desk.

2. Environmental factors. Does your office have the right amount of natural light and good climate controls? Natural sunlight can be a big factor in affecting your mood and enhancing your productivity. This is why our office space is changing things to bring more natural sunlight into interior offices and hallways. You need to be able to regulate the climate and temperature in your space without worrying about the temperature outside. You might like it cooler or warmer than others, but you need to be able to have control of setting that temperature that is just right for you. You may like a more humid environment in the winter months, so consider buying a portable humidifier to increase your comfort level.

3. Make your office space your own. Putting your personal touches on the space you work from goes a long way in increasing your comfort level and enhancing your productivity. Find that fine line between making your office more like your home while keeping it professional and functional. Having a pull-out bed couch might be a bit extreme, but consider having a comfortable side chair to sit in when you do not need to be at your desk or on your computer. Getting out of your office chair from time is also a good idea.

4. Is your office organized? If your office is not organized in a productive manner, your comfort level can be reduced and you may be battling to get things while you are working. Consider bringing in an office organization specialist to help you set up how your office is laid out for maximum comfort and productivity. You may be surprised how well how little their consultations costs.

5. Go wireless where you can. Untether your computer or laptop from a wired Internet connection and use a wireless mouse and keyboard instead, thus reducing the number of cumbersome wires that are needed in your workspace. The wires that you cannot eliminate can be batched together with ties or a single conduit that houses them.

6. Plan where you are going to take a break. If you are working in a serviced office space, use the break rooms/kitchens they have to get away from your workspace. If there is no break room available, find a coffee spot nearby that has seating and allows you to take a break from your workspace to clear your mind and reduce stress. If they have WIFI, this would also be an ideal time to check your social media on your smartphone or tablet.

Even if you have a home office, choose to go out to a local coffee shop or find a space within your home that is not work-related. Taking a break from where you work will help you to recharge and make you more productive when you return to your workspace.

Please keep checking our blogs and social-media posts this week. We are going to be focusing on the mental health of you, the business owner, and you, the individual, because your business relies on your health.