So you are looking to get more exposure for your small business. Just how do you do it? Offering seminars and training sessions on the things your clients and customers need and want is the best way to engage them.

There are two easy ways to have a seminar or training session that your customers will gain knowledge from, but you need to decide which will truly get their attention. Online webinars and seminars are great for reaching a broader audience, but do they really hold the attention of the customers or potential clients that you want?

Having an in-person live conference with your small business clients in a conference room or meeting room will help to deliver your message better. Even if you only have a small group of people in your live session, and others in your live online session, your audience will feel more included because there are some people in the room that are actually there with you and them in the discussion.

Google Hangouts Online is a great way to have an open discussion that includes people who are not able to be in the actual room for your seminar or discussion. However, the real talk will happen with those who are physically there.

Most small businesses that want to co-host a seminar that has both a room panel and an online panel do not have the facilities do that. Hosting an online panel at a coffee shop just does not work, so what is the solution? Office business centres like Telsec Office Business Centres offer not only office space for rent and virtual office solutions, they also rent out their various boardrooms and training rooms to outside parties at reasonable rates.

So now you have a seminar idea and you have a venue to conduct your seminar. Now what? You need to gain interest in your seminar and get people to attend it in person and to watch it online. This means you have two audiences to appeal to – those who follow you and those who follow your primary speaker. Your job is to find ways to get those audiences to watch your online broadcast.

Holding seminars and events to build a community for your customers will build stronger bonds and make you and your customers work much better together.