Office space for lease TorontoThe topic of office space for lease Toronto security does not come up much when searching for an office space Toronto, but it should. Just how secure is the location you are considering for your Toronto office space?

Is there an office space for lease Toronto security plan at your office space? Are there security cameras in the lobby to monitor who is coming in and who should not be there? Is after-hours access restricted by keycards that only allow those who should be there to get the elevator to the floor your office space is on? Is there a 24-hour on-premise security guard? Does your office have an alarm system that is monitored? Are the cleaning staff at your office for rent Toronto security bonded? Who has access to your office space Toronto when you are not there?

Office space for lease Toronto security is not just needed to protect the contents of your office, but also the safety of you and your staff. Having a security plan is just as important as your disaster recovery plan. Every business should have adequate security and safety procedures and all staff and visitors should be made aware of them.

Here are some basic office space for lease Toronto security tips that you and your staff should keep in mind:

  • Know the staff in other nearby office spaces and be aware of their office schedules. This will help alert you to any potential security problems when someone is in their office when the tenant is not normally around.
  • Ensure all office space Toronto doors other than the main entrance are secured after hours.
  • Do not assume that a stranger wandering in the halls of your Toronto office space is a member of another company’s staff. Always offer assistance and direct them to the main receptionist for further help.
  • Do not leave anyone alone in the halls of the office. Check by telephone if someone can see them.
  • Do not allow visitors to wander freely about the halls of your office space or common areas. Have the person whom they want to see come to the main reception area and escort the individual to the meeting room or office.
  • Install surveillance cameras that will monitor the front entrance, the reception area, and other areas that are accessible to the public.
  • It is important to keep personal information of you and your staff private. You should avoid discussing where you live, after-work activities or vacation plans in front of clients, customers, new co-workers or anyone in general with whom you are not comfortable.
  • It is very important to remind your staff not to leave valuables, purses or wallets tucked behind counters or on desks. Thieves know the common hiding spots for the valuables and they can be in and out in a matter of seconds.
  • Set an office rule that keys are not to be hidden or left unguarded on desks or cabinets and enforce that rule.